Make Jewelry Making Supplies

9 July 2013

Make Jewelry Making Supplies


Make Jewelry Making SuppliesDon’t be slowed down when you don’t have the exact item you need. Make your own supplies. Make your own findings – those little pieces of hardware that hold it all together..

I use round loops in almost every project I create. Whether making clasps, making a wire charm, or just connecting things together you will often need to make a round loop. You can start here and learn  to make your own jewelry-making supplies. Specifically you can make your own findings.

Look around and you may notice that many have not mastered this technique. You will find all kinds of misshapen loops, even in national magazines. You can make perfect loops if you know the trick of starting with “Pam’s Perfect P.” Notice that it starts looking like a “P” in our photo. That is why I call it as such…well, my name also has something to do with it.

I will show you how to make that round loop perfect every time.

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Starting Your Loop

  • Grasp the wire between the noses.
  • You can use round nose pliers instead of stepped pliers as shown. Simply mark your round nose pliers with a sharpie at the spot you want to use. This way you can repeat loops of the same size.
  • Use any size wire or step you want to use. I like the loop size to be in proportion to the wire size. If you are making small loops you will probably want thinner wire than if you were making large loop.Make Jewelry Making Supplies
  • In these photos I am using 12 gauge aluminum wire. I use this mostly because it shows up nice and large in the photos. You would use the same procedure if you were using a thinner wire however you may want to use a smaller step.

Forming The Loop

Make Jewelry Making Supplies

  • You want the wire to form onto the round shape of the pliers.
  • Point your pliers up and press the wire around the nose with your thumb.
  • Notice that my fingers are not touching the wire, just my thumb.
  • Keep your fingers out of the way. You want the shape of the nose not the shape of your finger.
  • Push the wire as far as you can around the nose.

You can find the Six Step Pliers by clicking here.

Make Jewelry Making Supplies



It is not round yet! When you remove it from the tool there will be a flat spot. This is where the wire was held between the jaws. There is no way around this that I know of but I do know the secret magic trick for fixing i!.



Perfecting the Loop

Make Jewelry Making Supplies


Just cut it off. Magical, huh?

Just cut it off with the flush side of your cutter facing the curl of the “P”





Make Jewelry Making Supplies


Place it back on the pliers and push the wire around the nose.





The Perfect Loop, aka “Pam’s Perfect P”

Make Jewelry Making Supplies


Voila! A nice round loop!

More important, you now have the first step to make your own findings and jewelry making supplies!



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