Moonstone jewelry sold by ebay for $1 million

Moonstone, a luxury jewelry brand that sells jewelry for around $1m (£620,000), has been sold by eBay for $950,000, according to local media reports.

The seller, the online retailer Ebay, reported the sale on Wednesday, saying the jewelry was sold as a “special order item”.

The jewelry comes with a Moonstone logo on it, along with a message that says “Moonstone Jewelry for Sale”.

Moonstone said in a statement on Thursday that it was aware of the sale and was “disappointed and disappointed”.

Moonstones own brand Moonstone Jewelers has a reputation for quality and quality materials, which it attributes to its founder and owner, Steven Johnson.

The brand was founded in 2013.

Moonstone’s online store, which has over 6,000 products on its site, includes products from designer brands like Hermès, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs.

A statement from the company said the sale “is a significant milestone in the evolution of Moonstone and our relationship with our loyal customers.

We are very grateful to the eBay community for their patience and understanding as we continue to work through this difficult time.””

We will continue to offer the highest quality products that have been designed to last and will continue exploring opportunities to expand our brand,” the statement said.