Rams: Rams’ moonstone box set is ‘the best gift’

It’s hard to know if this is an authentic moonstone or just an old piece of jewelry.

Or, if the box is actually a vintage box set.

Or maybe it’s just a box full of old moonstone beads.

Either way, the Rams are using it as a gift.

And now it’s going to get its own dedicated box set!

On Thursday, the team will unveil a new moonstone necklace that’s part of the team’s collection.

It’ll be on display at the NFL’s annual football awards show.

In addition, it’ll be featured on the Rams’ website.

The box set will feature more than 1,000 beads from Rams artifacts, including jewelry and other items that are no longer used.

The Rams don’t expect to sell any of it, but they hope to have it available for collectors to enjoy.

The Rams’ newest moonstone set, the Moonstone Necklace, will be released at the start of the regular season.

It features 1,500 beads from the team and a new necklace from Rams head of business development and marketing Nick Lefkowitz.

Lefkowits new moonstones necklace, available for the first time, is the most extensive collection of Rams jewelry to be created since the team returned to Los Angeles from California in 1999.

It will include rings, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry.

It also features an array of rare and modern items.

Lebron James’ new moon stone necklace is available now for $1,500.