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New York’s jewelry industry is in a state of flux, and the city has become a haven for boutique designers to showcase their work, and a home for the likes of Roc Marciano, the man behind the wildly successful Marc Jacobs Collection.

But while the city’s burgeoning fashion industry is generating buzz, some of the citys most high-profile designers and brands are fighting to stay afloat.

One of the most notable faces in the industry, the designer and fashion entrepreneur, Rosie Gartenstein-Bauer, has been battling to keep her jewelry company afloat since last year, as her competitors have moved on to more lucrative endeavors.

The Brooklyn-born Gartenfelds newest collection, which she unveiled at New York Fashion Week last month, is a return to the roots of the designer’s signature, low-slung lines, with bright red, black, and red-pink designs.

The line also comes with a bold statement necklace that, while not entirely traditional, is reminiscent of the fashion label’s most iconic pieces.

The collection was inspired by Gartenfield’s childhood home, where she would go to play with dolls, and she has been known to wear her collection to school or to parties.

The red-and-black color palette, coupled with the high-end accessories, will undoubtedly appeal to the many women who would love to own a piece of Gartenfields iconic jewelry.

A look at some of Gartens most iconic designs in her line, from the classic red to the bold new collection, can be found below.


Red Velvet A red velvet necklace featuring red, yellow, and pink diamonds.

A simple black chain with pink and red diamonds is tied around the neck and is the most obvious indicator that the necklace is red velvet.

The design has a retro vibe to it and is a perfect match for the red velvet on the neck.

The neckline of the necklace includes two pink and two red diamonds, alluding to the iconic red velvet that is also found on the head of the wearer.

The pink diamond, which is placed on the right side of the neck, also doubles as a keychain, while the pink on the left side of that necklace is used to symbolize the necklace’s value.

The necklace comes in two sizes: a medium and a small.

The medium necklace is $1,195, while a small necklace is available for $965.

A red diamond is the perfect piece for any woman to wear to the beach, but it can also be used to wear in the office, and is perfect for those who prefer to wear a necklace on their wrists.

The diamond is one of the best-selling items in the jewelry industry, and Garten is well known for its affordable prices, so the red diamond could have a huge appeal for those on a budget.


The Black Tie A bold, high-cut red velvet, black and white striped tie with a black bow.

The black tie is the one item in the collection that has a bit of a retro feel to it, but its simplicity and quality make it a solid choice for any girl who likes to wear high-quality jewelry.

The piece has a simple black bow on the front, and an open pocket at the end, which makes it easy to access the tie without having to take it off.

The cut of the black tie has a more refined look to it than the rest of the collection, and it is also a perfect option for a girl who wants to stay understated, like Garten.

The tie is available in two lengths: a regular length for $495, and another length for about $250.


Red Diamond The black diamond on the back of the red tie.

The color of the diamond is red, and there is also gold trim around the edge, making it easy for anyone to read the diamond.

The white is used as the focal point of the tie, which features a diamond in the middle, and its solid gold finish makes it stand out from the rest.

A solid gold diamond necklace is the best choice for a woman who wants a dressy, bold necklace, and one that can be worn to parties or office events.

The gemstone on the diamond can be used as a ring, as well, and can also have a number of different designs and colors.

The size of the jewelry can vary, depending on how much it can be tied, and how it is used.

A regular necklace can be $1.95, while another one can be as low as $1 for $200.


Gold and Silver One of Garte’s most popular pieces, the diamond necklace has a classic look, but the color of gold is subtle and makes it feel more personal.

The jewel has a subtle golden color, and both the white and the gold trim are very subtle, so they can be easily worn with just a simple white or gold necklace.

The gold and silver color combination is very bold and bold. A