How to find a necklace for the prince of Wales

It was an unexpected find: a $10,000 necklace made from diamonds and pearls.

The prince of the English royal family, Prince Charles, gave it to the British queen as a wedding present after he was named king on July 5, 2013.

The necklace was a gift from his father, Prince Andrew, who was the first of the line of royal descendants to inherit the throne from his great-great-grandfather, the late Charles II, who died in 1703.

The family’s jewelry collection is considered a museum treasure, and the Prince of Wales has said he wants to preserve it.

But the $10 million jewelry box found in the prince’s Buckingham Palace bedroom in 2013 was something else.

The box was filled with jewelry and other items.

The diamond ring was a ring the family had bought at a jeweler’s shop.

The pearls, diamond rings and other precious stones were taken from a jewelery shop owned by a cousin of Charles II’s and given to the king by his father as a present.

The diamonds were found by the police in May 2013 after they were confiscated by police.

It was the largest seizure of jewelry in the world, but it was the smallest in the kingdom.

The royal family was never charged with a crime.

Instead, the police said the family was simply trying to protect the jewelry from thieves.

But police sources told NBC News they found some of the jewelry boxes were filled with money and other valuables and were also empty.

They were among dozens of boxes that were searched by police that were not linked to the sale of the diamonds, which were sold in an underground market.

In the last six months, the British royal family has spent millions of pounds trying to find the diamonds that were stolen.

They have hired experts to help with their search, and investigators have said they have found no trace of the stolen diamonds.

The search for the diamonds started in 2011, when a police officer in South Africa reported finding a diamond ring in a car at a luxury resort in the British Virgin Islands.

He told police that it belonged to the heir to the throne, Prince Harry, who had been living in England when he was born in 1953.

He said the ring had been taken to the island by the heir’s mother, Diana, who later married Prince Charles and was living in the country at the time.

When detectives interviewed the driver, they learned that he was in possession of a ring that was in the possession of Prince Charles’ brother, Prince George.

He had purchased it in 2003 from a diamond shop in the UK, where the diamond ring had belonged to Prince Harry.

It is not known how the ring ended up in the royal family’s private collection.

Police were unable to locate the diamond, and detectives were told that the owner had given it to a friend.

The man told detectives that he had given the ring to Diana in 2007 after he learned that she had given birth to a son in the United Kingdom.

He denied taking the ring for the benefit of anyone else, saying that he did it for himself, and said that he wanted the diamond to belong to his son.

Detectives interviewed the man a few weeks later and learned that the diamond had been sold in a London jewelry shop in 2013.

A jeweler told police he was a frequent customer of the shop, which sold items that included necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more.

In his statement to police, the man described the shop as a “safe place” for his jewelry, and that he gave his jewelry to the shop for the purpose of helping with his jewelry business.

The jeweler also told police the shop had a reputation for having a lot of jewelry that belonged to celebrities.

Detectors had not been able to determine the buyer of the diamond.

Police said they were unable the identity of the man because of his poor English, and because he was not allowed to leave the country, so he was unable to tell detectives his name.

Detective sources told ABC News that the man told police his name was Prince George, but police were unable at the moment to find out who was behind the purchase.

In a statement released on June 30, Prince William said: “I am sorry that a diamond was stolen from me, which was a tragedy.

I would like to ask all my family and close friends to do everything in their power to help me recover this diamond and find it’s rightful owner.”

Prince George’s mother Princess Diana is one of the most famous and well-known women in the history of the royal line.

She married Prince Andrew in 1958, and was a member of the Royal Family from 1969 to 1985.

She died in 2004.

Prince Charles has said that in 2001, he received a diamond bracelet from a woman who had come to London with him on a business trip.

The bracelet was the size of a wedding ring and had a diamond embedded in it.

He was also