A Beadworker’s Toolbook – Download eBook Version

This is a book and a tool for beadworkers. A Beadworker’s Toolbook contains beading graph paper in actual size and actual bead shape in 6 popular stitches and 9 seed bead sizes.


These pages have been tested for accuracy of size by veteran beadworkers. The book is based primarily on Czech glass seed beads but the works for Japanese seed beads too. See the table below to convert.

Also contains detailed stitch instructions with step-by-step diagrams and complete thread path diagrams. Hard copy sells for $19.95 plus shipping. Get the download version here for just $9.95.

Originally published in 1996 and distributed in hard copy by The Beadsmith.
ISBN #978-0-9650282-1-9

Download Now and Get All This

  • Basic stitch instructions in step by step graphical form. See a sample of one of the beadwork stitches represented here.
  • More than eighty pages of graph paper in actual size and twice actual size
  • Stitches are represented in seed beads in size 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, size 8 hex cuts, 15 hex cuts and delicas
  • Graphs for peyote stitch, brick stitch, square stitch, loom weaving and right angle weave
  • Each of the pages magnified 1X and 2X
  • Copyright permission to copy unlimited pages for personal use
  • Access to forum and technical support to answer all of your questions and share ideas with other beadworkers

Now tested for Japanese seed beads

I have tested the graphs using Japanese seed beads and found that they convert but with different size identification. Please use the table below to determine what graph page to use.

Czech Seed Beads

Japanese Seed Beads







Important Download and Printing Notes

This is a very large file and can take a long time to download. It took me 1 full hour to upload it…I do have a slow connection. It is 112 pages full of high quality graphics. A large file is the result.


  • For best result please print on the highest quality available.
  • In order to maintain the seed bead sizes do not scale the pages.
  • Print on premium paper. This is particularly true if you are printing double sided as the graphs will show through to the other side.

See Before You Buy

  • Don’t you hate buying something online that ends up not being worth the money? I sure do and I don’t want to sell you something that you regret buying.

Be sure of your purchase by checking out a sample page.

See Sample Graph Page


This sample page is for size 10 seed beads shown in twice their actual size. This page also happens to match 4mm Czech Fire Polish Beads and what I use to figure out larger Beaded Bag designs.



  • Sara Alicea said:

    Hi Pam, Please will this work besides seed beads with Swarovski crystals? Will it guide me how to design bracelets and necklaces? Thanks so much for your reply.

  • Pam said:

    Hi Sara,

    It is best for seed beads. The size 10 at twice actual size works for 4mm bicone crystal beads well. Also Czech fire polish beads in 4mm work well this way.

    This book is simply graph pages and general instructions on how to weave using different beading stitches.

    The graph pages are for you to create your own patterns within your beadwork. The hummingbird on the cover is an example of a pattern colored in. There are no patterns in the book. It works sort of like cross stitch patterns but you create your own.

    For specific projects you would want a tutorial. That is what my tutorials are for. You can also click on the link on my free download page for more patterns from other designers.

    Send me a separate email by clicking on Contact above and I can tell you good places to shop for Swarovski beads in your area.

    Happy Beading! Pam