Ultra Ergo Chain Nose Pliers

Jewelry Making Pliers Chain Nose

Ultra Ergo Brand – Truly Ergonomic!

Designed for Wire Jewelry Artists!

Ultra Ergo Chain Nose Pliers

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Handles Large and Small Jewelry Tasks!

Comfortable Soft Grips

  • Designed to fit the size of jewelry making jobs.
  • Perfect for a woman’s hand. The long, slightly straigher  handles with take a lot of the stress off of your hands and wrists.
  • They work very well with wire gauges ranging from 16 to 28.
  • Length 5 1/4″.
  • Nose tapers from 7mm at the base to 1.2mm at the tip! That’s a lot of range in one tool!
  • Nose is 22mm long so the taper makes a nice long  nose.

Ultra Ergo Chain Nose Pliers

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  • This is my favorite over Lindstrom’s. I have been a loyal Lindstrom user for over 20 years. Recently I began a fresh search for an affordable quality plier for my students. I have now personally switched to Ultra Ergo and am treasuring my new set!
  • A truly ergonomic plier with handles that are slightly larger and straighter than most.
  • The longer, straighter handles give you greater leverage.
  • Handle width provides greater surface contact resulting in less hand fatigue.
  • Less force is required on the handles when holding them closed. This is where the greater hand stress is of course.
  • Handles feature medium blue comfort grips, Double leaf springs.
  • Made of high grade stainless stainless steel.
  • Safety Reminder: Always wear safety glasses. These pliers are not a toy.

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