“Avianne Jewelry” is on sale in Australia

The avianne is a type of parrot native to Southeast Asia, but they are becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

They’re known for their beautiful feathers, which make them perfect for jewelry.

It’s only fitting that Avianne, the company behind Aviannee, should be the first to get it on sale here.

Aviannae have been around for as long as we know, but the company recently released a new product called Avianine, a high-quality feather in a gold case.

The company is launching Avianene in the US, and we caught up with CEO and founder Anna Tung to learn more about how the feather and the brand came together.

Read moreAvianine has been around since at least 2005, when Tung and her husband started a jewellery company called Tragus, which specializes in feather jewellery.

It launched Aviannes in the UK in 2010, and in 2011, Tung expanded the brand to Australia, where it continues to make high-end jewellery for women and men.

We caught up to Tung in New York City for a behind-the-scenes look at how the company got started and how it’s developed since.

You’re the creator of the Avianean.

Why do you love working with feathers?

Tung: It’s such a versatile feather.

It comes in many different forms, and it’s the perfect size for a necklace or a ring, but also perfect for a bracelet.

I have a few other things I’m working on, too.

It really is the perfect feather for a ring or a necklace.

It feels so soft and luxurious, so lightweight.

Tung explains that Avionene is one of the few feather-based jewellery in the world, and the company uses them to make the jewellery that is popular on the internet.

What was your first foray into the world of feathers?

Avianna: I had always wanted to make jewellery, and I really liked feathers.

So, when I was at the University of Queensland, I started researching feather jewellers and decided to study feathers at the same time.

The feathers were really fun to make, so I started making feathers for myself.

I made them in my bedroom, so they would just stay in my hair.

The only time I took them off was to wash my hands after doing something.

So when I started doing jewellery designs, I had them made.

I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, so it was really hard to make them.

I think it was like 10 years later that I had enough money to buy a house and start a family, and that was when I really got into feather jewelling.

What was the most difficult part of the process?

T: We have to keep our feathers clean.

We wash them once a month, but we’re not allowed to leave them in the fridge.

We have a big plastic bag full of them, and they need to be brushed.

It takes us around eight hours a day to wash them.

We do our research, and you have to check to see if it’s harmful to your skin.

It is very sensitive to UV light, and if you use too much UV light it will turn your feathers yellow.

There is also a lot more than just feathers involved, so we also have to make sure the feathers are in good condition.

It also means that we have to use a lot less water and do lots of washing.

It took us three years to get the brand out there, but it took us a lot longer to get feathers to be able to make jewelry.

Why do you think feathers have such an impact on jewellery?


Avionne is such a natural choice for jewellery as feathers are such a rich, luxurious material.

It has such a unique and luxurious feel to it.

You can really feel how luxurious the feathers make it.

We also do other designs with feathers, and people really respond to the feathers in their jewelry.

There are a lot jewellery designers who have done their own designs with the feathers.

We are definitely the only company that has done our own designs.

You know, it’s a great product for the jeweller.

What are the main reasons for making feathers the way they are?

T:(For some people) they just feel so luxurious, and for some people it feels like a natural extension of their personality.

They are beautiful.

They just feel right for the earlobe.

What other people have to say about feathers?

I’m a huge fan of avianna, but I also really like aviannes jewelry.

Avienne is the jeweler of choice in Australia, and their jewelry is just so amazing.

I would recommend them to anyone.

What is your favourite jewellery item?

T.: My favourite jewelled item is a bird necklace.

I’ve worn this for years