Macys Jewelers to open at New York City’s JFK Airport in 2019

Macys jewelry, the fourth-largest private-label company in the United States, will open its first U.S. store at JFK Airport on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

The company, based in Philadelphia, said in a statement Tuesday that it will begin its first two-year sales in the U.K. and Ireland.

Macys has previously announced plans to open its U.N. headquarters in Dublin.

Macy has already said it expects to make its first sale at JFK.

It said the store will offer high-quality items, such as jewelry, watches and accessories, and that its sales will begin in 2019.

Macies is owned by The Walt Disney Co. for more than a decade and is the fourth largest privately held jewelry company in North America, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Macs has an office in New York, and has a large global network of retail outlets in more than 80 countries.

The Irish-based company is one of the largest private-sector jewelry companies in the world and the largest in the jewelry industry globally, according the Bloomberg Global Business Services, which tracks the private-equity industry.

The New York-based jewelers said it is committed to serving its clients’ needs by providing them with high-performing, high-value products.

Macers was founded in 2001 by Betsey Johnson, who is the daughter of the late New York real estate developer John Johnson.

Macons flagship store, the first in the city, opened in 2014.

In addition to its global reach, Macys operates four stores in Ireland.