How the Smithsonian bought the most beautiful Egyptian jewelry

Smithsonian magazine has a story about how the Smithsonian acquired the most incredible collection of jewelry in the world.

The story starts with an auction in Cairo, Egypt, in the 1980s for jewelry dating from the time of the ancient Egyptians.

As a result, the Smithsonian has a collection of artifacts from around the world that date from as far back as 1000BC.

The collection is divided into three main categories: Ancient Egyptian jewelry, jewelry from the Middle East, and jewelry from Europe.

The items are all beautiful pieces of jewelry from across the globe.

But the story that is told in the story goes beyond the artifacts themselves.

It focuses on the people who made them.

The Smithsonian has also been trying to improve the museum’s collection, and the museum recently announced that it is going to focus more on the art of the craftsmen.

This story is part of the Smithsonian magazine series, What to Expect when You Visit the Smithsonian.

You can find the full story here.