How TJ Maxx is changing its look for the 2017 season


— It’s hard to believe, but the last few years have been an era of change for TJ Maxys jewelry.

The popular retailer is making some significant changes to its lineup this year, starting with its new look.

TJ Maxx will begin showing its jewelry in a more subtle shade, with the iconic white and blue logo to make the change less jarring.

In the new year, the brand will also begin selling new, larger size pieces in a variety of styles and colors.

The new designs will include a traditional white and a blue colorway, which will be on its signature chain, TJ Maxxs, beginning in the fall.TJ Maximys will also be selling new jewelry that are not in the brand’s signature, like a white, gray and green necklace, a purple-purple and a pink necklace.

It is also expected that TJ Maxxes will begin selling limited edition items that are sold at select retailers.

Tj Maxx also announced plans to change the way it sells and promotes its products in 2017, including the release of a new video highlighting the company’s newest product line, which includes more than 300 styles and styles of jewelry.TJD Maxx and JVC announced a partnership this week, which also includes the launch of a line of new jeans.

JVC will continue to be TJ Maxy’s official partner in the retail industry, while TJ Maxxts denim will be released in 2017.