How to dress to impress the king

The queen has always been known for her beauty and she has always had a knack for dressing classy.

But now that she’s a princess, she’s trying to stay out of the spotlight by dressing like one.

We caught up with the queen and asked her what she likes about being a princess.


Her hair styleThe Queen of England, who is 85 years old, has long been known as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She wears long, voluminous locks with a flowing braid.

Her long, straight locks are styled with a bang, creating a dramatic, voluptuous look that often includes a flowing braided ponytail.

Her bangs are often worn in a long bun or a bun with a bow.

She has also styled her hair into a flowing, cascading bob.

It’s a style that has been used by royalty for generations, but the queen is now trying to show that she can style her hair to a more casual, daytime style.

“I like my hair to be simple and flowing, which I have,” she said.

“There’s no fuss and it makes my hair stand out.

It adds a little bit of dimension and elegance to my look.”

Her hairstyle has also been adapted for fashion, with her style in the fashion magazine Marie Claire recently being dubbed the “Queen of Shaving”.


The queen is still an inspiration for young girlsThe Queen’s sister Princess Diana, who died in 1997 at the age of 63, inspired her.

“She’s my inspiration,” she told a reporter in 2011.

“My sister was an incredible person, but her legacy has to go beyond what I’ve done, because I have never been the one to say ‘do it this way or that way’.

I’m not a princess and I’m just an ordinary lady.”


Her royal style isn’t just for fashionShe also recently admitted that she still feels a strong connection to the monarch and doesn’t mind taking her advice on how to look.

“We’re all royal in our own way,” she added.

“When I was younger I was a bit rebellious and rebellious girls didn’t want to be like me.

So I tried to follow my sisters and my grandmothers, and that’s the way I am now.”


She’s not trying to get her royal hairstyle popularThe Queen has never worn her hair short, and is instead opting for a straight, full-braid bob.

She is a big fan of the style and recently took it to a new level by wearing a bang-styled headpiece to the annual London Fashion Week event.

“It’s not a royal style, but I have always been inspired by the Queen and I think she’s the ultimate example of how to have a strong sense of style,” she explained.

“People can look at it and think it’s just an outfit and it’s not.”


She loves her royal friendsThe Queen is known for having a close bond with her royal guests.

She met Princess Diana at a royal wedding in 1981 and went on to marry him a year later.

The pair share a love for the art of dance and have been known to travel the world together to dance at public events.

The Queen is currently hosting a royal ball at the Royal Albert Hall.


She wants to be the ‘Queen of fashion’When she’s not busy dressing up for the royal ball, the queen also loves to explore fashion trends and fashion trends are the perfect subject for the queen to discuss.

“You always hear about trends, but when it comes to fashion, I want to go for the high fashion,” she once said.

The royal is known to dress her outfit to the hilt.

She even has a wardrobe full of gowns.