Beaded Bag Tutorial

Make this adorable beaded bag when you follow this Beaded Bag Tutorial.

Beaded Bag Tutorial


Follow my step-by-step instructions for this beading project and expand it to make it your own design. You can easily expand the design and make a larger bag to use as a cell phone pouch or an evening bag. Or make a 5 x 8 inch bag with a cross body strap to wear with jeans.

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Make This Beaded Bag Today

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Unlimited Beaded Patterns

You can follow along with my beading pattern while learning this technique. You can then modify it and create your own patterns easily. You can use a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to create your designs. The possibilities are unlimited.

All of my tutorials are designed to teach you a method that can be used in an unlimited variety of ways.

Inspiration and more design ideas will be available on the forum for this tutorial.

Increase your Beading Ability

When you complete this tutorial you will be able to :

  • make a fabric of beads
  • weave a gussset
  • attach two pieces of beadwork
  • embellish a base fabric of beads
  • create a custom coordinating clasp
  • create a strap of any length
  • and much more…

Once you have mastered this simple technique you can move on easily and create your own unique beaded bag designs. Some beadworkers like to use beading graph paper to help with the design process.

For right angle weave beading graph paper pages see A Beadworker’s ToolBook.