Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Tutorial

Swarovski Crystal BraceletLearn to make this elegant yet simple beaded bracelet quickly when you download this free tutorial. Make it with Swarovski Crystal beads or any other bead you love.

Free Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Tutorial

Download and follow my free step by step Swarovski Crystal Bracelet tutorial and you will be able to make your own collection of beaded bracelets in no time. These bracelets are often also referred to as tennis bracelets. This tutorial has over 90 step-by-step photos that you can follow along with written descriptions of each step along with each photo. This tutorial is meant for the complete beginner with no beading experince at all. Nonetheless, experienced beadworkers may pick up a few useful tips also. See the slide show  below for enlarged photos. Get Tutorial Now Click below for the list of supplies for the beaded bracelet. It will open a new tab and may take a moment to load on your screen. You can print it and take it to your local bead store to buy supplies. Or if your are ready to download the whole thing then just get the tutorial now.

You can also preview this tutorial by checking out a sample page. Remember that it may take a moment to show on your screen.

Click on any image below to start a slide show of pieces made with this tutorial.

Get Beaded Bracelet Tutorial Today

To download the bracelet tutorial you just need to register. To register click on Join Books by Pam.  Upon registration you will be redirected to the page to download the tutorial right away.

You can cancel your registration anytime with one click but you will not want to. With registration you will have access to the free forums and you can receive updates and additions to the tutorial. You will also be able to write to me with any questions you have about this tutorial and this beadwork technique in general. I answer all of my emails, usually the same day and I love to talk beadwork and wirework!

Unlimited Beaded Bracelet Patterns

You can follow along with my bracelet pattern while learning the basics of this beadwork stitch. You can then modify it and create your own patterns easily. You can use a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to create your bracelet designs. The possibilities of bracelet designs are unlimited.

I had made them with Swarovski crystal beads, Czech glass druks (round pressed glass), Czech faceted glass beads (often refrerred to as fire polish). I like sizes from tiny seed beads up to 6mm. Beads larger than 4mm look best with this stitch when the shape is diamond. The common diamond shape is Swarovski Crystal bead shape # 5301 or 5328.

Crystal contains lead which is how it gets the sparkle. It is not appropriate for children. I recommend that glass is used if you want to make jewelry for children or if you are teaching this to children.

Learn this Versatile Beadwork Stitch

While you follow this tutorial you learn a beadwork stitch known as right angle weave which has been around for eons. I recall first seeing it in the 70′s in the Phillipines. At that time the stitch was used to weave beaded bags from wooden beads. I’m sure it was used much earlier than that.

Some weave with this stitch using two needles. I prefer to use the single needle method as it is very versatile and can be used to make a variety of more complex pieces. All of my tutorials use the single needle method.

Once you have mastered this simple technique you can move on easily to more sophisticated projects to include The Beaded Bag and The Beaded Bead, not to mention just about anything else that can be imagined.

For right angle weave graph paper pages download A Beadworker’s ToolBook.


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