Chunky Wrapped Bracelet

Show off your terrific wrist with your own one-of-a-kind chunky wrapped bead bracelet.


This tutorial is a package of three tutorials. Use them all together for a chunky bracelet or necklace or both!

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Wrapped Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Wrapped Toggle Clasp Tutorial

Wrapped Infinity  Jewelry Link Tutorial

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This tutorial contains over 30 pages with 70 step by step full color photos. The photos are a high-resolution. You can magnify them with clarity. This one is also easily followed if you print it in black and white. You do not need to print all pages thing! I recommend looking it over and then print the few pages that you will really need to complete the project.


  • 16 feet Copper round dead soft 18 gauge wire. Copper or Sterling Silver are my favorites. You can also use craft wire, silver filled or gold filled.
  • 8 feet Copper round dead soft 24 gauge wire
  • 4 or more 12mm round beads

You can use any gauge round dead soft wire. I like the gauge to match the size of the beads I am wrapping. I used 16 gauge in the photos so that you can see it in the photos better. I teach the class with 18 gauge and round beads no smaller than 12mm.


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