One-Wire Chandelier Earrings

Make These Easy Chandelier Earrings

These are terrific dangly earrings without being large or heavy.


I call them “One-Wire Chandelier Earrings” as you can make them with only one material, 20 gauge half-hard wire. No shopping around and collecting a whole bunch of supplies, no ordering from different suppliers, etc., It is almost impossible not to find 20 gauge wire local in your area.

This is a handy project when you are traveling due to the minimal supply needs. Just grab a few tools, some 20 gauge wire and you have everything you need!

They are terrific dangly without being large, but you can make them large if you so choose. I originally designed these for a petite customer who wanted dangly earrings but did not want them to be large. You can make them large and longer or short and thick and full or anything you want.

If you do not have half hard wire then you can harden it yourself and this tutorial will show you how!

In this tutorial you well learn how to make

  • Perfect spirals (I call them “The Swan” as they seem as such to me),
  • Perfect swan charm that you can use to hang other components,
  • Perfectly balanced chandelier earring finding.

You will assemble all of these to create your One-Wire Chandelier Earrings.

In this tutorial I also include some basic information about tools and wire so that beginners can easily get started.

I use the large 12 gauge wire in the photos so that you can see the details of each step large and up close. I am also including smaller 20 gauge examples as we go along so that you can see the correct relative sizes of the components.

The photo above represents the exact shapes that are taught in this tutorial. Other photos in the gallery below are variations used in projects with a variety of wire sizes and metals. Click on any image to enlarge.  This extensive tutorial contains over 46 pages with 100 step by step full color photos. The photos are high resolution so you can magnify them with clarity. This one is also easily followed if you print it in black and white. You do not need to print all pages! I recommend looking it over and then print the few pages that you will really need to complete the project.

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  • Wire – 20 gauge half, hard


  • Six step pliers (optional). You can find the Six Step Pliers here.
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose or chain nose pliers
  • Flush wire cutter


  • None