Sunburst Pendant Tutorial

Learn to weave with wire with this striking Sunburst Pendant Tutorial. This tutorial includes step by step photos in full color and textual descriptions of each step.


This intricate pendant is actually quite easy to make. It is also a great introduction to weaving with wire. Once you complete this project you can make all kinds of woven wire projects of your own design.

This tutorial has evolved over 18 years of teaching wire work and months of teaching classes on this pendant. This pendant is my own original design. In the process I have identified and resolved many of the difficulties wire workers run into in learning weaving with wire. I am always looking for better, easier ways to carry out anything. I have reworked this design over and over until I made it as easy to complete as I can.

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Each tutorial contains over 40 pages with more than 75 step by step full color photos. The photos high-resolution so you can magnify them with clarity. This one is also easily followed if you print it in black and white. You do not need to print all of the pages! I recommend looking it over and then print the few pages that you will really need to complete the project.

Check out the slide show of the pieces you could create from this wire jewelry tutorial.


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Very little experience is required. However, I consider this an intermediate level tutorial. Some wire experience would be useful. See the Prerequisites below.

This tutorial covers every step bend by bend in full color photos and textual explanations.

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  • 4 to 5 feet 24 gauge dead soft wire
  • 1 foot 18 gauge half-hard wire
  • Flat round center bead about 16mm (5/8”) in diameter


  • Weaving Mandrels OR 4 pieces 6” 18 gauge hard wire. You can see and/or buy the weaving mandrels here.
  • Ring Mandrel or anything round about the same size as your bead
  • Wire Cutter
  • Fine flat nose plier
  • Fine round nose plier
  • Nylon jaw plier (optional)
  • Ring clamp (optional)

You should already know these basic wire skills NOT covered in this tutorial. The things are covered in my Wire Whimsy 1 – How to Make Wire Jewelry Tutorial.

  • Basic handling of tools.
  • You should be able to make a spiral. This skill is covered in many other places and is not included in this tutorial.
  • You should be able to make a bail. You can use a jump ring or make a figure 8 (infinity loops) or you can make something more complex. This is not covered in this tutorial.
  • Oxidizing, antiquing, or apply a patina (optional)
  • Straightening wire.