Wire Whimsy 1 – How to Make Wire Jewelry

Learn How to Make Wire Jewelry

If you want to learn how to make wire jewelry this is a great place to start!


This wire jewelry tutorial is based on a class that I have taught for many years. I created this project, the class and then the tutorial with the purpose of teaching those new to wire jewelry making how to handle tools and how to make some basic shapes in wire.

This tutorial is geared for the Beginner so every step is covered in detail with step by step photos.

While making this project you will learn how to handle the tools and how to get the wire to do what you want it to do. When you are done you should be able to see how you can make all kinds of shapes in wire.

The necklace itself was not intended to be a big hit itself but it turns out that it is! I have sold dozens of these necklaces and my students love wearing theirs.

I made the example in 12 gauge aluminum wire. I chose it because it is large and pliable. It is just plain fun to bend! It is very lightweight. Women with arthritis like these as they often want large jewelry but cannot handle the weight of it.

The same shapes can be made with any gauge wire. You will just want to adjust for the size of the shape to fit the thickness of the wire…and vice versa.

Once you master theses basic shapes you can go on to creating just about anything you can imagine using only the data in this tutorial. From these basic shapes you can create an infinite number of designs of your own.

This tutorial uses the Six Step Bail Making Pliers heavily. You can do the same thing with a round nose pliers just not as easily.

The photo above represents the exact shapes that I cover in this tutorial. Other photos in the gallery below are variations used in projects with a variety of wire sizes and metals.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Scroll down to see a gallery of images of jewelry items created with these shapes.

This extensive tutorial contains over 66 pages with 180 step by step full color photos. The photos are high-resolution so you can magnify them with clarity. This one is also easily followed if you print it in black and white. You do not need to print the whole thing! I recommend looking it over and then print the few pages that you will really need to complete the project.

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Tutorial is 66 pages long with over 180 full color step by step photos. The photos are high resolutions and can be magnified at least 400% with clarity. The step by step photos are also easily viewed in printed black and white.


  • Wire – I recommend 12 gauge Aluminum in Silver color


  • Six step pliers (optional but recommended). You can see the Six Step Pliers here.
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose or chain nose pliers
  • Flush wire cutter


  • None